Monday, October 29, 2012


well, I've come to realize that I am a not-so-typical high school girl. Instead of using curse words in the halls, I tell people that God loves them and speak truth life into them, just like the Father instructs us to do. Instead of listening to Nicki Minaj or Lil Wayne, I listen to Jesus Culture and Bethel Live because their music speaks truth and gives the glory to whom it is deserved, Jesus. Now, I'm not saying I'm perfect, because I am far from it, but I guess I'm just saying that I'm different then most people at my school. I guess I've just grown up hanging around people older than me and I have gone through things most people don't have to at my age. But you know what? I'm completely okay with it. Giving my life to God and growing in my relationship with him is the best thing that will ever happened to me. I already know that for a fact. I used to be terribly shy and afraid of letting other people see who I really am, but then God released a whole new sense. of identity and boldness into my life and I have never been the same. Recently, a close relationship I had with someone has gone downhill. I thought that I could be completely real with this person, but instead, he's just forgotten about me. We barely speak anymore and I feel like he's a stranger to me now. It has been tearing me apart and I've wanted to just hide in my room and cry for hours on end. Thad, who I have told you about before, told me this: if there are people in your life who are causing you pain & heartbreak and are getting you worked up, you just need to let go. He told me it is easier said than done , and he is definitely right. I finally told the person how I felt, and we are going to try and talk it out. I guess why I'm telling you all of this is because of one simple principle: just be yourself. Don't let your fears get a hold of you and the decisions you make. Let your identity that God has given you shine through. God has given each of us some amazing talents and gifts and He wants us to use them to further the Kingdom. Before I go, I wanted to tell you a story about something God did at my school last week. I had an early dismissal day, and I was sitting in the gym during PE class. This girl who I had just moved here was added to my PE class and so she sat near me on the bleachers. She pulled out a paper from her binder that was full of different bible verses. She began to tear up and she began to wipe her tears with her sweatshirt sleeve. I felt God telling me to encourage her and offer my help to her. I grabbed my backpack and sat down on the bleacher next to her and simply said hello. I told her my name and I asked if she needed any help finding anything around the school or if she had any questions. I asked her did she had found a church in our town or a town near ours. She told me that she was a Christian, but she did some bad things that could not make her good enough to be loved by God. I asked her if she would want to talk to me about it.
She told me that she has struggled with depression and that she finds it hard to see herself as beautiful or smart or anything. She told me that she had a bad relationship with her older brother,
Derek and that she always felt like she couldn't live up to the standard her parents had for her, because Derek was so perfect and smart. She told me how when she moved her she wanted something different, but instead she was forced into a box by herself. I took the paper with the verses and read a couple to her. I began telling her my story and how God has changed my life forever. I asked her if I could pray for her and without a doubt, she agreed. I asked for the Holy Spirit to just fill her up and that she would see the true identity that God has given her. As I began to pray more, she began to cry. A few seconds later, she began to pray in tongues silently to herself. I was so focused on the prayer that I didn't even think once about who could have been listening or watching us, because God just took over. She rededicated her life to God and was incredibly touched by the things I had said to her. I still don't know her name and I don't see her very often, now that I'm in a different class, but when I see her every once in a while in the halls, she has a smile on her face and I know why. :) I love seeing God do things like this. It inspires you to keep going and to keep pursuing Him, even when you want to give up. I encourage you to take one step of faith tomorrow, wherever that may be. Give someone a simple compliment, pray for someone at your school or workplace. You never know when a little conversation from a not-so-typical person can change a life.