Friday, January 11, 2013


people have always said i am really mature for my age. growing up, i would hang out with my parents and their friends. i would go everywhere and do everything with them. as i've grown older, i guess i've brought that maturity with me. i guess i've taken that maturity and have incorporated it into my life. most of my best friends are older than me, & i like hanging out with an older crowd. after losing my dad this summer, responsibility was really thrown on my plate & i was forced to grow up, whether I wanted to or not. My dad had always told me that my maturity was something that God was going to really use in crucial parts of my life. He said that my age really doesn't match who I am. It's hard for me at times. I also tend to like guys that are a little bit older than me. It's just how I work. 99% of the high school guys that I know arent on the same level that i am. its just how it is. Its really hard, but i honestly am so happy with who god has created me to be. He made me this way and I know he's going to use my maturity in a huge way in the near future. It's just the waiting that is the hard part. I've realized that I am impatient only about things I want terribly, terribly bad. This would be one of those things. But, it will all work in God's timing. I'm just hoping its sooner than later.  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

who am I?

who am I? that's something that I was pondering tonight. but you know what? I know 100% who I am. I'm a girl who loves country music, writing, & Maroon 5. but, most importantly, I'm the righteous & holy daughter of Jesus. In His eyes, I'm perfect. There is nothing that could ever separate me from Him. He took the blame for all the bad things I've done and have yet to do. He loves me, more than anyone ever will. He gave me the gift of musical worship and the gift of prophetic dreams. I love reading my Bible, praying to Him, watching iBethel, & spending hours on my keyboard in my room alone with the Father. Hems my number one. He's all that genuinely matters to me. Everything I am and will ever be is because of Him and the blood He shed for my mistakes and my burdens. There is no greater feeling I have than when I am in the midst of Jesus. God is living in me. I feel accepted and loved. God has given me uncontainable, unspeakable joy. His love is so beautiful and it has taken over my heart completely. I've surrendered my life to live to glorify His. But you know what? whether you knew this or not, I am just like you. God gave his life not just for me, but for you as well. He gave his life for everyone. God loves you, just as much as he loves me. He wants you to know that you are loved and that there is nothing that could ever tear you away from Him. You just need to let him in.