Friday, February 15, 2013

vday recap.

as all of you know, yesterday was Valentine's Day. earlier this week, i was almost 100% sure that this Valentine's Day was going to be the worst one ever and that i was going to struggle getting through the day. when you're in high school, you get the front row seat to seeing all the theatrics that take place in the lives of high school couples. there's huge teddy bears, chocolate boxes, and flowers galore. i didn't think that i was going to be getting anything at school, because there's no one there that i'm interested in or is interested in me. i have study hall after lunch, which is about half way through my school day. my study hall teacher is pretty chill so i put my earphones in and listened to some Bethel like i usually do. i was feeling pretty depressed and down & out about everything. about halfway through the period, the door opens and one of the office helpers has a bouquet of white orchids in her hand. she asked my teacher who to give these to, and he pointed at me. i was shocked. there aren't words for how surprised i was. i opened the card and it was a really encouraging note that I really needed to here. :) then, someone close to me sent me a text saying happy valentine's day. it was just the sweetest thing in the world. all of it combined turned everything around for me. then, two amazing people showed up bringing me another flower and just making my day even more. :) this whole thing taught me something: God will surprise you and take care of you always, no matter what. you just need to trust him and believe that he'll be right by your side. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

what to do when.. #1

a bunch of you have been asking for advice for different topics, so i picked 5 to do for this post and then i'll be doing more as time goes on. 

1. what do you do've liked someone since 4th grade that you've grown up with, and they have a girlfriend, who isn't right for them?

well, i've definitely been in your shoes. i honestly wish i could tell you that there's an easy solution to this problem, but there's not. there's 3 potential ways to go about this. 

- a. you just move on. you just decide that he's with her for a reason, and that reason must be meaningful enough to make him stay with her. 

- b. you try and break them up and you let the enemy win. you lie and cheat and do all the wrong things just so you know he's single. 

- c. you wait. you be there for him, and just be his best friend. if i've learned anything it's that junior high/high school relationships 99% of the time don't last. the chances of their relationship lasting for much longer is slim, but that doesn't mean you have to intervene and try to "speed up" the process. you may end up losing him, and that's the last thing you want. pray for him, and give it to God. if you cover him in prayer, and are always there when he needs to talk, there's nothing that you are doing wrong on his part.

i know waiting is the worst. it's just terrible & i wish that we didn't have to wait for things to happen. but, sometimes you have to wait because God's gonna teach you something valuable through the time you are waiting. take the time to focus on yourself and find ways to just enjoy the time. I've walked in your footsteps and there will be light at the end of the darkness.