Saturday, August 18, 2012

summer 2012.

hello once again. I want to apologize for not posting as often as I used to. I have had a very busy few weeks. As many of you have/will, I started school yesterday. It was a pretty decent day actually. Every teacher asked, what did you do this summer? well, I did a lot. Let's start at the beginning. I went to this awesome yogurt place called Cocomero for the first time, I was a summer intern at my church, I turned 15, I had an amazing birthday party, and well, the rest of it wasn't exactly something I wanted to share. One of other teachers said to describe your summer in 3 words. I chose powerful, life-changing, and new. I will always remember this summer, because it was the last one I got to spend it with someone really close to me. I was telling my mom about how much I wish the end of summer would have been more enjoyable and how it ended really bad, but you know what, God's changed my life so much through this that I am so much stronger now because I have His strength built in me. I know that everything will be okay because God has given me this summer to find myself and find my true identity in Him.

Friday, August 10, 2012

..amazing how you take my breath away.

hey guys, how's it going? i hope all is well. so, i just wanted to tell you about this amazing artist that I'm obsessed with. his name is AJ Rafael and he's amazing. His voice is just simply perfect and I love him! His YouTube videos are so good. Some are funny, some are serious. One of his newest songs is called Beautiful Escape and it's been my song these past few days. I'll link it at the bottom of my post. :) anyways, i'm almost back at school. my first half day is in a week, i can't believe it. i've had such an amazing summer for the most part. as you all know, i'm a summer intern at my church and it's been the highlight of my summer, hands down. it's been so much fun, getting to help out with the different areas of the church and helping out. it's also been great hanging out with my best friends and having a bunch of memories. i'm truly hoping that next summer, i am able to intern again. :) 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

an update.

hey bloggers. sorry it's been so long since I've posted on here. I have had a lot go on in the past few weeks. My world was turned upside down. Someone very close to passed away and is no longer with me. During these few weeks since it happened, I have learned and experienced so much emotion and almost every feeling. It's been hard but God has been right next to me helping me along the way. I have had joy in these mourning times, even though it was hard to not cave in and let the Enemy win. I told myself and God that I wasn't going to let the Enemy run my life. That's not what God wants and that's what I want. The person I lost always told me to trust God even when it felt like it was the end of the world. They always trusted God and gave their all to God. As I start to go back to school, I am extremely nervous. I am very awkward at school. I have about 4 close friends, and that's it. I guess I just don't have a clique or group to fall into. I'm just me. Last year, I had some upper classmen in my lunch period, that were also in band, that would sit at my lunch table. My friend Heather and I would always talk and laugh with them. But this year, I don't know who I'm gonna have in my classes or my lunch period. I'm just praying God gives me friends in my classes and good teachers. alright, that's enough school talk. I started liking someone recently. :) it's exciting. I was in a relationship earlier this year that ended badly and I was extremely hurt by it. I was terrified of opening my heart again but I've started to feel more comfortable with all of that again. I have been praying that God will just bring me peace with that whole area of my life because it was really discouraging me. He's made me realize that he has someone out there for me. If I worry about what may or many not happen & keep my heart closed off, I'm never gonna know when God is at work or when the right person is right in front of me. my song for this post is gone in the morning by newton faulkner. it's one of those songs where you hear it and you just feel happy. :) I'll write back soon. thank you guys for reading. it means the world to me. :D