Sunday, August 18, 2013


"i thought you said it was easy listening to your heart. i thought you said i'd be okay, so why am i breaking apart? i don't wanna be torn."

that lyric is so true. sometimes you're at a crossroad, and no matter what road you choose, someone you care about deeply is going to get hurt. that is a hard situation. i tend to worry about what everyone else wants, not always what i want. i'm always making sure everyone else is okay before i worry about myself. that is not always a good thing to do. i'm trying to figure out a lot right now, and i've just been praying for clarity. i feel like i need to change some areas in my life, because there's more harm than good in those situations. the first and most important thing to do in situations like this are of course to pray and ask God for clarity. after that, you just need to make sure you don't make an illogical or spur the moment decision that you'll regret later. that never ends well. sometimes you just need to trust that God will ultimately have your back and whatever decision you make, he'll guide you through it. 

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