Friday, July 26, 2013


she gets in the car, thinking that it'll be another day at work. there will be more copies to be made, more things to be folded, and more tasks to accomplish. but all the sudden, things change. little does she know, she has a huge surprise in store for her. she has lunch with her two best friends, and as they're driving back, they take a detour. she loves going to this park with all these pretty flowers and gorgeous scenery. they pull into the parking lot and they walk down to the park. as they are about to walk into the main part of the park, her friends stop her and tell her that there's something waiting for her. she's walk down the path and looks around. she turns around and finally...there he is. she had been wondering what he was going to do when he asked her. but, she had no idea it would be like this. they sit in a little gazebo next to each other. the sky is clear and the sun is shining bright. she looks at him and can see that he's a little nervous. she smiles and he begins to talk to her. they talk and finally, he jumps. he takes a risk. he finally tells her how he feels. she looks at him and she tells him that he feels the same. her heart races a million beats a minute and they hug. finally, the girl who thought she'd always finish last...didn't. 

well, i'm happy to tell you that the story above isn't a made-up story or beautiful idea. it's real. it happened. for the longest time, i had put what i thought i wanted before what i actually wanted. i pushed away someone that i actually needed a whole lot. after praying and praying about this, i felt God give me a clear cut path on what to do. ever since this happened this week, things have just been so good. God has just restored my joy and has given me so much peace. i'm excited for my future and what God has in store for my life. :)

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